Easy to use:

Important: Align the wings and the elevator. The plane should fly straight and cover about 10 m if correctly adjusted.

Segelflieger ausrichten

If the pland flies straight ahaed and the dives nose first, bend the back of the elevator upwards 1 – 2 mm. If the plan begins to climb then dives vertically, bend the back of the elevator downwards 1 – 2 mm.


Tow launch start only in open areas in low wind. Once the plane flies straight and level with a hand start, you can then start tow launching. Push the plastic peg into the ground. Unwind the rubber cord down wind. Fasten the ring on to the plane's launch hook. Walk a further 40 – 50 m down wind to tension the rubber cord. Holding the wing horizontally and pointing the nose at un upward angle, release the plane into the wind. Danger! Do not use near overhead powerlines!